Accurate Biomass Estimation Using Remote Sensing

Until now it’s been a difficult and labor-intensive manual process to accurately assess the length and weight of fish swimming in a pen, never mind predicting their growth curve and determining their overall biomass. Innovasea is changing that with our new biomass estimation solution, which combines groundbreaking technology with sophisticated algorithms to help you predict with confidence the total weight of fish you’ll be able to bring to market at harvest time.

Innovative New Camera with Artificial Intelligence

The solution centers around our groundbreaking biomass cameras – rugged, submersible cameras that feature stereoscopic imaging and an embedded, artificial intelligence engine in a single, stand-alone unit. The camera images a statistically significant sampling of fish swimming around in the pen and measures the size and weight of each individual fish. Using species-specific biological data, it then calculates the overall biomass in the pen with statistical confidence.

Not only does that data help you establish efficient feeding formulas and amounts during grow-out, but it gives you powerful information on the range of fish sizes in your pen and how many there are of each – crucial information when it’s time to negotiate prices with buyers.